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true story



The earth shakes, buildings fall, hundreds of thousands of people die in minutes. Others lie broken and infected in the streets of Haiti begging, and waiting for help. An empty orphanage is the battleground for life and death in the Haiti Earthquake. Two hours from civilization, a small team of doctors frantically struggle to save two thousand patients as the hope of survival dwindles minute by minute. The battle has just begun. And the doctors ask, “Can we save any of these people?”
   Managing the twelve-person team, Rene Steinhauer, a weary combat medic, stands witness



to human suffering greater than he ever encountered in Iraq. Rene partners with Danya Swanson, a “daddy’s girl” with a nursing degree who thinks she has what it takes to save the day. Rene dries his tears and gets up to fight in a brutal battle where amputated arms and legs are piled up until somebody, anybody, has time to drag them to the fire pit. The battle rages, hopes are raised and dashed and thousands of lives hang by a thread. Mother Nature chose to wage war on humanity; Rene and his team chose to fight back.